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Paper and Document Shredding

Confidential and Secure Document Shredding

  Great Signs and Graphics now offers Safe, Secure and Confidential paper and document shredding. With a cross cut shred security rating of 3-4 you can rest assured that your private and confidential paperwork will be destroyed quickly and will be recycled properly.

Identity Theft

  Identity theft is a very real crime that not only robs its victim´s names, but their time, sense of security and good credit. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself and your identity from these thieves. Confidential Shredding is an affordable option that will help protect your identity.
 Shredding of all the documentation with the identifying data is the safest, easiest and most affordable way to protect yourself from having your identity stolen. Unfortunately, the task of shredding the documents your self can be slow and cumbersome. Great Signs and Graphics shredding service is a quick effective alternative for individuals looking to save time.

Protect your Business

  If you are a business owner, it is certain that one day you will need to destroy important documents that pertain to your business. Important financial records, Employee records, Business information and Trade secrets are all important items that you may not want your employees or competitors to see. Shredding in-house leaves you open to the risks of pilferage where person who is entrusted with the job, through oversight or through negligence lets an important document be picked up by an interested party, this could lead to fraud or theft of company property. Don´t let this happen to you.

Protect Client Confidentiality

  Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Businesses and any other professionals who handle secure and sensitive information and documentation can benefit from our shredding service. By properly destroying these confidential documents, you assure that there is no risk to your cliental and their personal information.

Preparation for Shredding Services

  What do you need to do to prepare your files for destruction? Not much actually. Simply place all your documents into a box and bring them into our store. We will weigh the documents and destroy them quickly. Dont worry about stapels, paper clips, file folders, bindings and such. Our equipment can chew through these items without issue. If 2 or 3 ring binders are present, either you can remove them or we can do it for you and dispose of the binders.
 If you are unable to bring your shredding job to us, simply call us to pick it up for you (289-820-7516). Pickup is free for Shredding orders of $100.00 or more in Niagara


  Pricing is based on weight and volume. Please call for pricing (289-820-7516)

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