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Great Signs and Graphics Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing from Great Signs and Graphics... When it Needs to be BIG!

What is Wide Format Printing you ask?...
Well in a nutshell, it´s the ability to print big stuff!!!
"this ain´t ur ole desktop printer were talkin bout here!"

  Great Signs and Graphics is equip with state of the art printers that are capable of doing some pretty remarkable printing... all in house. We do not source our print jobs to outside companies therefor we are always on top of our output quality. We are capable of printing on both roll stock and hard substrates to produce stunning, high resolution, full colour results.

  Let's talk about BIG. Our HP FB500 printer is capable of printing materials as wide at 64" and up to 2.25" thick. It is no problem for us to print a full sized 4´x 8´ sheet of material such as corrugated plastic, aluminium panel or sign grade plywood for signs and displays. Heck, we have even printed an interior door with awesome results. With our printers, we are also capable of printing 2 sided to maximize the material.

  Need Big Banners, Not a problem!
Our printers are capable of printing on roll stock materials up to 64" wide with roll lengths up to 150´. Materials such as banner, poster paper, canvas, mesh, perforated vinyl and more. Many of these materials are available in both gloss and matte finishes.

  If you are after graphics printed then cut into a shape, Our Rolland printer is capable of doing that. We print your graphics and then we can cut simple shapes such as circles and squares or complex cut designs... It´s all in the programing.

Available Rigid Materials

  Corrugated Plastics, Aluminium, Aluminium Composites, Compressed Card Stock, Foam Boards, PVC Plastics, Sign Grade Plywood, Poly Styrene, Ultra Board, MDF Board and more.

Available Roll Materials

  Indoor and Outdoor Banner, Display Banner, Poster Paper, Display Film, Self Adhesive Vinyl, Perforated Vinyl, Mesh, Canvas, Vehicle Graphic Vinyl and more.

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