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Templates & File Specs

Links to download all the templates you need.
File Specs for Offset Printing
  • Bleed: A bleed is an extension of your background color or image going beyond the intended trim size of your piece. Please make sure your artwork has at least 1/8 inch margin of bleed. This ensures that the color or image continues to the edge of your piece.
  • Colors: All colors in your document must be CMYK. If the text is in black color, please convert them to pure black (only K has value, CMY=0) before saving. RGB, PMS and all spot colours must be converted to CMYK equivalent.
  • Fonts/PDF: Recommended that all fonts be embedded in PDF files or created outlines so that text does not alter for print.
  • Image Quality: Photos in the documents should always be saved as CMYK. Images should be saved at  300 dpi. If any lower, it could result in a blurry or pixelated print.
  • Flatten Artwork: Artwork must be flattened to embed all fonts and images (un flattened artwork will not be printed)
  • Text Safe Area: To avoid having text cut off during trimming, make sure that no text is within 1/4″ (0.25 inch) from the edge of your document.
  • Printer Marks: DO NOT INCLUDE… trim marks, registration marks, colour bars, etc… we will do that
  • Overprint: Do not enable the “overprint fill” feature. The feature will cause unexpected results during printing. We are not responsible for any unexpected outcomes when this feature is enabled.
  • File Size: Supplied artwork must be at actual print size

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